QIFC Christmas Stocking Event

Christmas 4 At the December 10th meeting, QIFC members stuffed 99 Christmas stockings for students who participate in the Putnam Elementary McKinney program. Toys, healthy treats, games, books and many other items were placed in each stocking. In addition to the stockings, 99 bags were filled for the student’s family.  The bags were stuffed with flannel blankets, stuffed animals, books, snacks, socks, hats, gloves, school supplies and other items.   Deb Gillan, McKinney Liaison, distributed the stockings and bags to the students.

Quota members look forward to this heart-warming event each year.

A huge “Thank You” goes out to each member who shopped for, or donated, items for the stockings, and to those who participated in this year’s event.  A special thanks goes to Gloria Clark, coordinator for the 2014 Christmas Stocking Event, Debi Bade for providing the space needed to store and assemble the stockings, and Dottie Mark for arranging lunch for the hungry elves.Christmas 2Christmas 1Christmas

Christmas 3

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