QIFC Purchases Hearing Aids for Child

Ethan new hearing aidsA 9 year old boy is very happy because he has new hearing aids,  purchased by Quota International of Fort Collins. The third grader selected black hearing aids with gray earmolds. The earmolds also have black glitter mixed in. His mother said, “When we picked them up today…. I haven’t seen him sooooo excited about anything in a long time! He LOVES his new aids and I can already see that these are working better than his old pair. Today when he had them on I noticed he was hearing “new sounds”, at least hearing them better. He must have said 10 times today, ” Mom I love my new hearing aids! They are so cool!” He also said, ” These are sick ” ( that means cool).  We are so thankful for your help! You are all a huge blessing to our family. Thank you for helping our son hear!

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