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Our Quota army was part of the Empty Bowls community event this week. Thanks to everyone who participated! QIFC members staffed stations during the event; registration, serving soup samples, greeting, ticket takers and filling bowls with delicious soup that was prepared by local restaurants. Participants were able to purchase beautiful hand-made bowls, made by students from within the school district.

It was a great success for all with an attendance over 490. And of course, benefiting the School District and the Food Bank. A special Thank You to Shannon Richardson for coordinating the special events this year…..job super well done!

Speaker Inspires Us!

 April Reich spoke to QIFC members about the hearing aids and Echo Pen QIFC purchased to help her at college. Charming and inspirational, she renewed our spirit and made us appreciate all we have and do. Thank you, April, for sharing your time with us.

Honorary QIFC Members

Recently our Club recognized Betty Anne Martell Husted and Mary Louise Marks with the distinction of “Honorary QIFC members.”  But, truthfully we are the ones honored by their membership, years of service and contributions still yet today. BettyAnne joined in 1982. Her mother, Nelle Gillete was a founding member and Nelle was Club President in 1942. Betty Anne served as QIFC president in 1987 – 88.  Betty Anne has been our “energizer bunny” with her description of almost everything as “marvelous”, The Club’s 3 generation lineage continues from Nelle to Betty Anne to MA. Betty Ann membership book photo

Mary Marks a member for 42 years, joined Quota in 1974 and served as Club President IMG_9767in 1976-78, We are very fortunate that  Mary has been our connection to the Avery House and Poudre Landmarks Committee.  She helped host  Club summer picnics at the beautiful lawn at the Avery house.   Mary  has been able to include us as volunteers to assist the Historic Home  Tour for a number of years.  Thanks to her for that wonderful opportunity.  

While we offer then an honorary membership, we are indeed  honored by their leadership and participation.  We offer our  toast of respect, thanks, and cheers of appreciation.

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