Quota International of Fort Collins 2017

Quota International of Fort Collins  
 Quota Club is a fun combination of facts and folklore and sometimes it seems difficult to know the difference.

Each Club in Quota International has its own personality based on the country, community,  longevity of  the club,  and membership.  Certainly,  Clubs reflect their community and the local needs they work to serve.   The Fort Collins Club is so very fortunate to have a long history — over 75 years!  Our  service projects have “grown up” and changed along with our town and the needs of its citizens.

At our recent dinner meeting we spent time reminding ourselves of the important connection to Quota INTERNATIONAL and the strength of a worldwide membership and service opportunities.  QIFC is a member of Region 17,  with  clubs primarily in the Western United States.  Our Regional conference this year is in San Francisco, April 21-23.

Among the few things that have changed over the years in our Club are that we no longer have required attendance. We are no longer only a membership of “MOP” s (Managers, Owners and Professionals) and we have NOT conducted the high school posture contest in many years.  Rather, we respect the volunteer time individuals are able to share.  We encourage participation of women in any stage of their life, whether employed, retired, or a “working-volunteer.”  All are welcome and our “Fun Bunch” offers friendship in addition to our meetings.    6425

Our fund raising efforts have become more refined.  The estate sale service/fund raising projects have honed our collective skills and we work well together.  Hard work and success has earned both recognition and added to the funds we are able to direct to community service.  We still maintain a focus on helping women and children in our communities, in the most direct and practical ways we can.   With a certain amount of sub-committee autonomy, we can respond more quickly to needy situations.  Helping the deaf and hearing Impaired, particularly children,  remains one of our Club priorities and we have seen many new technologies and services.

With members in our club who have worked together for 5, 10 and 20 plus years, it is was easy to share some funny  stories, crazy memories and many satisfying and rewarding times.  The QIFC facts and folklore are the glue that keeps us together. 

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