QIFC Has A Busy September

April, 2016 To May, 2018 — QIFC allocated $21,377.31 to community non-profit organizations and services. Quota International of Fort Collins strives to develop and support programs that will improve the quality of life for others through a variety of service projects in our community.

QIFC Volunteers for LifeSaver Breakfast, Alliance for Suicide Prevention


Members helped at the lifeSaver Breakfast, put on by the Alliance for Suicide Prevention. They prepared the meal, served attendees and cleaned up. With Quota’s help, most everything was composted or recycled and the extra food was donated. 

QIFC Donates $8000 to Faith Family Hospitality


On Tuesday, Sept 25th, Quota presented a check for $8000 to Faith Family Hospitality. Pictured: Annette Zacharias, Executive Director of FFH, Mitzi Davis, Quota Treasurer, Judy Warren, Chair of Allocations and Shannon Richardson, Quota President. The mission of both non-profits are aligned with supporting disadvantaged families and helping them to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. Quota’s donation will provide kitchen cabinets in the Sherwood House. The Sherwood House is the former Crossroads safehouse and is being remodeled to house homeless families while providing education and accountability specifically targeted to get families back on their feet and self-sufficient. The Sherwood house has 16 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 8 bathrooms, 2 living/dining rooms, a computer room, a resident manager apartment and a large play room and playground. Quota is proud to support this project and the future of families in our community.

ElderHaus Presentation

Our guest speaker, Joanne Vande-Walle of ElderHaus, informed members of the services offered at  ElderHaus, a non-profit service who’s mission is to promote and sustain the independence of seniors wishing to remain in the community. To learn more about ElderHaus visit their website at http://www.ElderHaus.org.





A Very Happy 90th Birthday to Mary Marks


We had a wonderful birthday celebration during the September lunch/meeting for Mary Marks, Quota International of Fort Collins member since January, 1974. By the smile on her face, it was obvious that Mary enjoyed it very much, as did the attending members.  Mary served as club President during the years 1976 -1978.  Mary continues to support QIFC by attending meetings when possible, and always motivates the members with her wit, memories and easy smile.

Happy 90th Birthday, Mary!

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QIFC Donates Funds to Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity photo

President Shannon Richardson was joined by Allocations Chair Judy Warren and “master” researcher and marketer Vicky Hansen in presenting a $500 donation to Habitat for Humanity staff.  Quota members had recently heard a presentation from Habitat and decided to volunteer for a day of building along with our donation.

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QIFC – Helping Habitat for Humanity and June 15th and 16th Estate Sale

Resized952018053195132536957075One of the joys of Quota is learning about community needs and volunteer opportunities during our monthly dinner meetings when our Program chair invites various folks to speak to us about their organizations. After hearing about the village that Habitat for Humanity is building in southwest Fort Collins, a group of Quota ladies was quick to sign up for a volunteer day. And so on May 31st, in the blazing sun, a group of us tackled painting, nailing, climbing ladders and laughing as we assisted in a day of community building. And I am sure, we will do it again!


Upcoming Event: Be sure to join us Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th for an amazing Estate Sale. 

ESTATE SALE: Friday: June 15th 8:30 am – 2:30 pm 
Saturday: June 16th 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

2148 Sheffield Drive, Fort Collins 80526

Please note:
Pictures of some items listed below can be viewed on our Craigslist Estate Sale listing – https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/…/quota-…/6614449576.html

* Tools, tools & more tools! some vintage
* Shop-Smith
* Yard tools
* Snow blower
* Lawn mowers
* Picnic table/benches
* Vintage Eastlake 3 piece bedroom set – bed, dresser w/mirror & dry sink
* Vintage dining table & 4 chairs plus Buffet
* Kitchen table & 6 chairs
* Electronics including Bose 901 vintage speakers
* Upright piano circa 1900
* Kit-built organ
* Pool table
* Protectall safe
* Gorham Sterling silverware set/Chantilly pattern
* Desk
* Side tables
* Washer & dryer
* Housewares
* Antique Aladdin oil lamps
* Homemade aprons
* And much, much more!

CASH please — No Checks — Bring help for heavy items

Quota International of Fort Collins is a non-profit organization empowering women, children, the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired in our community.

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QIFC May Dinner Meeting Presenter

20180523_183428Our guest speaker at the May 23rd dinner meeting was Kelly Evans, Executive Director of local non-profit, Neighbor to Neighbor. The mission of N2N is to open doors and advance lives through house counseling, homelessness prevention and affordable housing. N2N has 4 key service areas: Renter Program-prevents displacement and provides budget education; Affordable Housing Program- N2N owns and operates 135 affordable apartments; Home Ownership Program- educates over 1200 1st time homebuyers each year; and just launched on March in collaboration with CSU is the HomeShare Program- matched senior homeowners with renters to allow the seniors to age in home and renters to have affordable housing. Attending Quota members appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Neighbor-to-Neighbor services and programs.

On behalf of QIFC, Linda Hopkins, Shannon Richardson and Judy Warren were pleased to welcome Pegi Etzkorn as our newest member. Congratulations, Pegi. We sincerely hope you enjoy your involvement in the QIFC projects and services that benefit those in need in our community.


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ThompsonHelping people hear better is the primary mission of QIFC, and we really love it when we can help kids! So we were thrilled to be able to donate $1293.24 to the Thompson School District Audiology Department. The money will be used to purchase two new hearing aids and disposable ear tips to connect the aids to the ear. The district audiologist will be able to program these hearing aids to match the hearing loss of individual students who need to borrow them while their own hearing aids are being repaired. She will also be able use them to demonstrate the benefit they provide to students who have never worn hearing aids before. This will be a helpful tool to assist students and parents in deciding to purchase hearing aids and allow the audiologist the opportunity to counsel and assist families more effectively right in her office. By building a positive experience and appropriate expectations, the audiologist can prepare the students and their parents to have a successful experience when they purchase their own hearing aids.

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66B0BCE8-1 (2)

December was a big month for Quota volunteers. Thirteen of us were “Santa’s Helpers” at the Project Self Sufficiency family holiday party. Seventy-seven families participated in a wonderful afternoon of games, horse-drawn carriage rides, food and fun. As part of the fun, one hundred-seven children came through Santa’s Workshop where Quota,rians assisted children from age 1-18 in choosing the perfect gift for their mom or dad and then had it beautifully wrapped by our expert wrappers. In addition, we provided 600 (mostly homemade) cookies that the kids enjoyed decorating. We had as much fun as the families. It was a great day! 

Also in December, Quota fulfilled the wish list of all the classroom teachers at Putnam Elementary. Every classroom in grades 1-5 was given one or two games of their choosing. In addition, each pre-K and Kindergarten student, 80 in all, received a soft throw blanket and a teddy bear. These have been traditions that Quota has provided for many years. We hear that the blankets and bears return to school on special “read-in” days when the kids enjoy reading with their blankets and bears at hand.

All in all we volunteered 86 hours for Quota projects in December, and an additional 72 hours for community projects. In total, our group volunteered 1340 hours in 2017, and had fun doing it.

A special THANK YOU to those who supported our fundraising events in 2017. With your support, and participation, we were able to provide financial assistance and other services to those in need in our community.C55B92B2-1





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Working Together Makes It Happen 

Many hands made quick work of fall clean up at the yard of one of our long time members. With the additional help from two “Quotations” (husbands), Don Jaffee and Jack Warren, the yard’s leaves were cleared and grass mown in just a couple of hours.  It was a quick two hours of “sharing” that made a difference for one of our own.

Quota Begins Preparations for the Holidays

QIFC purchased 80 teddy bears and lap blankets for preschoolers at Putnam Elementary School. The goodies will be delivered to the kids in time for Christmas. This has become a cherished tradition among Putnam students. The bears and blankets make occasional appearances at school on special days when students get to hang out with their blankets and bears and read.

Santa’s Quota helpers are busy preparing for the annual Project Self-Sufficiency Holiday Party to be held on Saturday December 16th.  Many groups help with this party and Quota loves to be part of it. Our members will provide 600 cookies for children to decorate and take home. The day of the party, we will organize donated items and help children pick a special gift for their mom or dad. When the kids finish “shopping” they will then choose the wrapping and bow they want and a Quota wrapper will make a pretty package for each child to give to his or her parent. It is so fun to see how carefully they choose their gifts how happy they are to have a gift to give Mom or Dad. 

Dinner meetings offer an opportunity to plan special events and celebrate successes.


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QIFC August Picnic and Events

Summer Picnic

August is always a fun month for QIFC members as they enjoy the “end of summer” picnic at the home of Linda and Donn Hopkins.  

The picnic was an opportunity for members to celebrate another successful summer of service and fundraising. Sharon Chilson, estate sale coordinator, reports that Quota earned the net sum of $834.00 during the recent August 25 and 26th estate sale. These funds will be donated to services and projects that assist those in need in our community.  A special thank you to each member who participated in this sale. You truly are Awesome.

Quota Picnic 2017 ver 2   quota-picnic-2017.jpgQuota Picnic 2017 ver 3

Quota Picnic 2017 ver 4

Loveland Youth Gardeners

Several QIFC members journeyed to Loveland to visit the Loveland Youth Gardeners, one of the recipients of QIFC funds.  Mitzi Davis, group lead, expressed delight at seeing the teen participants selling produce from a new roadside stand.  A recent story in the local newspaper, featuring the Loveland Youth Gardeners, brought residents of the community to the farm for their purchases of fresh produce. The students gave QIFC members a personal tour of the grounds.  In addition to selling produce on their property, LYG also participates in providing fresh produce for low-income residents in their community through the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” program.

To see additional information go to: http://www.lovelandyouthgardeners.org




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QIFC Purchases Echo Smartpens and Roger Pen For Students

At the June 28th dinner meeting, Nan Elliott, from Front Range Community College, gave Quota members a demonstration of the Echo Smartpen and paper. Our chapter recently provided money to purchase ten pens for a loan bank at FRCC Office of Disability Services. The pen is a note taking and note organizing tool. It is used to write just like a pen, but it has a microphone in the stem and an optic device in the tip. The note taker uses special pixilated paper with icons at the bottom of the page. The icons, when tapped with the tip of the pen, control functions such as mic on/off and audio volume. As the student takes notes, the pen records what is said in the class. The student will write what he/she can, but knows that when something is missed, it has been captured by the pen’s audio recording and can be listened to later. By tapping the last word written, the audio begins to play from that spot in the lecture so the student can listen again to what was said. The pen comes with earbuds for listening to the recorded lecture and can be connected to a computer with software that allows the pen’s information to be uploaded to the computer so notes can be re-worked and organized into folders. Nan says there is such a demand for the pens, they can only allow students to check them out for a week or two in order to assess whether the student benefits enough that they want to purchase one for themselves.

Quota also recently purchased a Roger Pen microphone for a student at Front Range CC. This student recently learned that she has been gradually losing her hearing for several years which has impacted her learning ability. Now that she has hearing aids, she needs an assistive listening device to maximize her ability to hear the instructor’s voice over the background noise in the classroom. The Roger Pen can be worn by the speaker or placed on the desk in front of the student to pick up the voice of the person speaking into it. The sound is then sent to her hearing aids which have digital receivers that take the signal and send it through the hearing aids to her ears. The “focus” of the pen can be broadened or narrowed to pick up more or less sound so that the listener can hear several speakers or focus on one speaker. We hope this equipment will help this bright student be able to reach her potential in the classroom, at work and other difficult listening situations.

(Written by Kim Miller, Quota Member and Audiologist)

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QIFC June Updates and News

Estate Sale
A total of $1,396.00 was earned at the recent Stoney Hill Estate Sale. The good news is that 100% of the profits went to QIFC to support their projects and services. Quota members spent 60 hours of their time and energy setting up, pricing and selling items.  A special Thank You to each member who helped with this successful event.


Photo of a typical QIFC sale… offering a large variety of items at a very reasonable price.


June 7th Allocations
QIFC is pleased to allocate funds to the following services and projects:
Putnam Eco Week – $275 for treats and sleeping bags.
Putnam Birthday Fairies – $300.
HOST Day – $500. DHH elementary school children from northeastern Colorado.
Scholarship to DHH youth to attend Aspen Camp.
Loveland Youth Gardeners – $500 to support their mission of helping risk youth learn life skills through gardening that will help them in future jobs.
FRCC student – $1252 for a Roger Pen and Roger Clip-on Microphone/Receiver FM system that will help her be able to hear what is being said in the classroom.
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